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It all began here, high in the Peruvian highlands, nearly 3000 years ago- with the first cultivated crops of Maca root being grown by Inca farmers for food and medicine.

Today, Peru's "Magic Valley" is the source and genetic origin of the purest Maca on earth, organically grown MACA MAGIC!

Our growers retain spiritual ties to the land and the food, farming with the spirits of their ancestors backing their every move...

Maca Magic brand maca root is cultivated without chemicals at 14,000 feet elevation in the mineral-rich highlands of Peru's Altiplano, higher than any other cultivated crop in the world!

It is here that HERBS AMERICA and our team of traditional farmers proudly work hand in hand to ensure organic purity in each of our bio-active, nutrient-rich products. Our fields are naturally irrigated by glacial ice melt and rainfall born in the thunderclouds of the Amazon basin. The result is 100% maca root, incomparable in potency, freshness, and flavor.

In order to retain our own high organic standards, we oversee every step in the process of creating superior MACA MAGIC - from the planting of the seeds to the packing of the products!


Click to enlarge photoThe HERBS AMERICA COMPANY supports traditional agrarian families and promotes sustainable agricultural practices. Our growers are all indigineous peoples and their culture by supporting traditional farming in the Andes Mountains.

Even today, these growers are living examples of true agrarian clans who still practice age old sustainable traditions seldom seem in today's high tech chemical and machine dependent farming methods.

They maintain intimate relationships with the fertile valleys and strive to keep it pure, and we honor these traditions.

Because of this commitment to farming and a love of the land, they have been able to maintain strains of Maca root in these Peruvian valleys for hundreds of years.

The maca harvests take place in June and July, along with other crops such as corn and potatoes. Festivals celebrating the harvesting of crops are common during this time and symbolically mark the beginning of their long, very cold winters.

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Its the source of pure Maca Magic!Herb's America works directly with the farmers and native people of Peru to grow our own Maca in an area we call the "Magic Valley".

It is here, in this fertile highland valley situated in a mountainous region of Peru known as the Junin plateau, that Maca cultivars were developed by the Inca for energy and endurance.

Our growers are friends and most of them were born on the land surrounding the Magic Valley and to this day inhabit their ancestor's traditional farms!

The valley is in fact one of several valleys that have been growing Maca root for thousands of years and, combined, make up the most productive Maca producing region in Peru.

Here, the maca root grows naturally in various different colors and shades. From a botanical standpoint, scientists believe this region is the earth's first source, "the genetic origin" of Maca root, true Lepidium Peruvianum.

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Quality controlled products...


Once the maca roots are harvested from the highlands, they are immediately brought to our sorting and packing facilities where they undergo a scrutinous process of quality control...

They are sorted, dehydrated, grinded, and worked into a diversity of products, which are then shipped to our facilities in Oregon for distribution.

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